Spencer Wilding/Darth Vader special guest on EZ TALK LIVE


EZ TALK LIVE revolutionizes the talk show realm, providing an immersive, interactive streaming experience right into your living room. Available on major platforms including ROKU, APPLE TV, and AMAZON FIRE, along with all major mobile devices and smart TVs, this is entertainment accessibility at its peak. Engage with celebrity guests and dive into the world of reality TV with a unique twist, offering up close and personal anecdotes and exclusive insights. Our host, Dr. Eric Zuley, a distinguished Universal Peace Ambassador recognized globally, expertly navigates conversations to unearth unprecedented education and advice, directly propelling our subscribers towards their aspirations. Beyond the screen, we foster a robust social network community where audience members can support, mingle, and create lasting connections with our stars and benefactors. EZ TALK LIVE is more than just a show—it’s a gateway to amplifying your potential through the power of influential storytelling and communally shared wisdom.

EZ TALK LIVE’s featured guest for this episode is actor Spencer Wilding

which you will find on Netflix, DC, Marvel, Paramount, Universal shows and movies like Rogue One A Star Wars Story playing Darth Vader,

The Legend of Hercules, Toxic Avenger, Dungeons & Dragons Honor Among Thieves, Fast and Furious Hobbs & Shaw starring Dwayne Johnson & Jason Statham, Harry Potter, Men In Black International starring Chris HemsworthTessa ThompsonKumail Nanjiani, Guardians of the Galaxy, Green Lantern starring Ryan Reynolds, Game of Thrones just to name a few.

Subscribe to the show and ask Spencer Wilding and Eric Zuley questions or give your comments and feed back! https://streamyard.com/9h3e42dz2h (Note there is only enough room for 8 people so its first come first serve.

MARCH 27th 4 PM PT LIVE ON EZWAY TV with Dr. Eric Zuley

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Well it all started when i seen the big bright light and got me arse slapped (sorry mum) 🙂 i was and still am one of those kids when me mates went to watch the footie I went and looked for animals and climb the nearest tree
… I was born in the smallest city in the world St.asaph in N.wales i was born in to a very big family with stong jeans both sides gizzie/wilding .. I have two siblings nev wilding & Samantha wilding ones a famous rock star and me sis is a famous make-up Artist !! They cracked the barrel when they made us lot lol … Thanks Dad 😉

Right then when i left school i tried a few colleges out farming / sports college but failed in both i was dyslexic so i found reading and every think else so hard when putting things to paper but practical i shon at I’ve had so many jobs but i had this pull the job wasn’t for me but i always learnt somethink from the job wich so later in life I could use 🙂 1995 i became a pro-kickboxer became one of the best in the world – then yr 200O I became a pr-boxer did prity good in that world to … But my dreams all came true in 2002 i got me self an agent and landed and got me self a role in a film you may of herd of HARRY POTTER playing the werewolf and the rest my friend is History 🙂 please follow my dreams www.imdb.com spencer wilding much love guys xxx ps I am looking for acting work hint hint if your the man that can have a word 😉 x




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