Highlights from the eZWay Mega Pitch Party! Absolutely, Magical: Revolutionizing Connections


Another amazing Mega Pitch Party with an audience turn out of 30 to 50 attendees. The networking was flowing, the pitches were inspiring and every attendee had a big smile on their face as they got their chance to PITCH their projects and purpose. 

Featuring our platinum members 
Metaverse Queen & Podcaster Beverly Zeimet
Neuroscientist & Podcaster Carol Register 
Healing and Wellness Center owner Medge Jaspan

Prof. Dr. George (book.academyofwellness) Grant, Ph.D. , IMD, DHS, C.Chem, RM., M.Sc., M.Ed.

The Water Woman, Podcaster Jacalyn Price




Article by: Empress

Incredible Turnout and Inspiring Pitches at the Latest 4th Edition: eZWay Mega Pitch Party!

The recent eZWay Mega Pitch Party witnessed an electrifying turnout of 30 to 50 virtual attendees, creating a vibrant atmosphere of social networking, inspirational pitches, and smiles all around.

Hosted by the charismatic Founder and CEO of ezWay Network and renowned Master Connector to the Stars, Dr. Eric Zuley, along with an alluring video voice-over introduction by his soul partner Dr. Dante Sears, Founder and CEO of WealthXO. Which brought forth the dynamic duo of Mega Pitch Party Host Jo Welch and special co-host Empress, The Business Goddess, the virtual event delivered an interactive and transformative experience.

The theme of the night revolved around redefining holistic health and wellness as the true meaning of wealth, emphasizing self-talk and positive thinking.

Attendees had the chance to connect with fellow eZWay Wall of Fame members, share their projects, and explore the numerous opportunities offered by eZWay Network to elevate their brands and quality connections through industry-specific break out room sessions.

Then, the spotlight then turned to the main featured guest speaker, Carlos Ruiz, a Funnel CRM Expert and Founder and CEO of Working Entrepreneurs (WE). Carlos shared his perspective on navigating the digital landscape for business success and introduced the ezWay’s “Automated Excellence Accelerator”, the world’s first all-in-one contact relationship management and digital marketing automation system designed specifically for business owners.

This program is showcased as Empress, TheBusinessGoddess Working Entrepreneurs The eZWay; empowering paid participants to revolutionize their marketing strategy by Empress, TheBusiness Goddess architecting and guiding them seamlessly into an integration of divine connections supported by Carlos, training on the cutting-edge techniques for automated excellence.

Book Now for only $15.00 (View Only Version) to experience the transformative power of ezWay’s “Automated Excellence Accelerator.” before making a committed investment.

As this magical experience continued participants had the chance to re-connect with fellow eZWay Wall of Fame members and new guests, sharing  their pitch a second go-round offered by eZWay Network to elevate and deepen their brand recognition and credibility. More focused in pitching their purpose and projects, and enjoy the promise of promotion. Dr. Eric Zuley offered a stellar pitch at The Mega Pitch Party because he along with growing members desires it as a growth catalyst for individuals, enterprises, and not-for profit organizations, proving to be more than just an event.

As the pitch party converted into an After Pitch Party we had celebrity guests Johnny Venokur and Carmelita Pittman added a touch of glamour and grace to the virtual stage, sharing insights on gaining access and business entertainment.

Whether part of the eZWay Family or new to the community, everyone was welcomed to mark their calendars for this bi-weekly Zoom event.

The call to action is to become exclusive high-premium paid members , included gaining more followers to their eZWay profiles and the exciting opportunity to spin the Wheel of Opportunity, with a chance to win up to $10,000 in marketing and brand development prizes. Supported by James Zuley, Maikol, AJ, Michael and Queen Dee Collins our ezWay Supportive Services Team.

As the next eZWay Pitch Party approaches, participants are encouraged to stay connected and engaged within our ezWay Family Facebook Group, on WhatsApp and Instagram. Then come ready to pitch their projects, products, and purpose — and ultimately their eZWay Profiles and upgrade to a V.I.P and either a V.I.P. Plus virtual pass to be the 1st in line to pitch— to gain more followers and unlock new business opportunities with increased visibility.

Our next level Mega Pitch Party is happening Thursday, March 14th at 4P PDT/ 6P CDT and 7P EDT.

Join the community to stay informed with our ezWay News and stay updated by our ezWay service offerings to pitch your way to success, and unlock doors to increased visibility to gain private and exclusive access to both buyers and sellers and build quality relationships which organically can potentially convert over into quality, sustainable and  profitable referral partnership opportunities!

It was absolutely magical with revolutionizing connections because of the opportunity to discover more exciting opportunities to network with quality like-minded professionals.


Empress Nikesha Gipson, MBA aka by ezWay Family and Network “TheBusinessGoddess”


Last Updated: March 1, 2024



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