Ancient Indian Goddess Fashion Show Event Coverage 2024!


Greetings from Matt J. Doyle, a member of the eZWay Family & user of a successful eZWayi Profile!

I attended the Ancient Indian Goddess Fashion Show Event @ The Sheraton in Garden Grove Orange County on Saturday, April 20th 2024!

Members of the eZWay Family attended including myself & James Zuley.

I did TAP Interviews for the Internet & eZWay TV Network on the red carpet where attendees achieved valuable media exposure & IMDb Credits!

Following is the TAP Interviews on eZWay TV!

Other Patrons & Influential People attended as well!

Here is the full eZWay Images photo album.

It was a great chance to network & be photographed & Interviewed, again while picking up valuable exposure & IMDb Credits!

Team eZWay is currently working on some big productions coming up with Dream Cinema’s Rayster Michaels, Film Director Walter Franks, Film producer Katherin Kovin Pacino & Hollywood Producers myself & my friend Pat Qin.

This was be another amazing eZWay event invite, where attendees & eZWay Family members were able to continue to benefit their success and connect with the best the eZWay!

Please feel free to become a Member of team eZWay, then an affiliate utilizing the below link, and then promote your affiliate link to earn $$$money.

We appreciate your support!

Matt J. Doyle eZWay Affiliate Link to sign up for your FREE profile, then register and/or become an affiliate!

Thank you and may God Bless you!

Best regards,

Matt J. Doyle
eZWay Network

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Matt J. Doyle
was born in Australia and migrated to America in 2003. He is now an American Citizen. Prior to his acting and producing career in Hollywood, California, United States of America, Matt studied performing arts in the early 1990’s at The Actors Center Australia. He also started his martial arts training in Muay Thai Kickboxing at the same time. He then achieved a Diploma of Modeling. Matt J. Doyle has been intensively trained at Aaron Speiser, Margie Haber, and Ivana Chubbuck Acting Studios in the 2000’s. He has also worked on several mainstream productions, as well as student and indie films, where he learned filmmaking and how to produce his own productions, in addition to his acting career.


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