Love, Appreciate and Approve of Yourself with Heart Chi Gong


Are you feeling like you’re taking one step forward but two steps back? Do you find yourself emotionally imbalanced and tired of holding on to some difficult emotions? Are you experiencing a multitude of voices in your mind that are affecting you? If so, perhaps you’re seeking to delve deeper into your existing knowledge and experiences, aiming for a transformative breakthrough.
In her book, “Unlocking Your Happiness Within: Living the Life You Choose with Chi Gong,” Master Teresa shares her insights on practicing a new form of Heart Chi Gong to restore balance within oneself. These teachings have expanded into three workshops that offer valuable guidance for experiencing a breakthrough in your life.
Through Heart Chi Gong, you are guided to return to your heart center and effectively clear negative energies. Master Teresa facilitates this process by utilizing external Chi emission techniques. As you engage in Heart Chi Gong, you will begin to feel a newfound sense of peace within yourself, paving the way for a year filled with manifestation and positivity.
Master Teresa’s book and workshops provide you with the tools and techniques to unlock your inner happiness, allowing you to live the life you truly desire. By embracing Heart Chi Gong and the teachings of Master Teresa, you can embark on a transformative journey towards personal growth and emotional well-being.
Here is a brief overview of each week’s focus:
(1) First week – Self Love
Release the negative energies which stop you from loving and appreciating yourself with Heart Chi Gong. The practice will help you open your heart centre, release tension, and cultivate a positive and loving relationship with yourself.
(2) Second week – Self-Approval
Release the negatives energies which stop you from accepting and approvaling yourself with Heart Chi Gong. The practice can assist you in letting go of self-judgement, self-doubt, and any limiting beliefs that prevent self-acceptance.

It’s important to approach these weekly focuses with an open mind and a commitment to self-care.

Money Back Guarantee
After taking the first Heart Qi Gong Workshop, if you find the workshop has no value, we are glad to refund you per your request.

Master Teresa’s Qi Gong beats all drugs in overall health improvements
~ C. Norman Shealy, MD, PhD
Founding President, American Holistic Medical Association

Master Teresa
Master Teresa Yeung is an internationally recognized modern Chi Gong Master, speaker, healer, thought leader and 3-time #1 international award winning bestselling author. She is the founder of Pureland International Qi Gong , a certified private institution. She is the successor of Grandmaster Weizhao Wu’s lineage. Wu was a distinquished Chi Gong master, educator and creator of the highly successful Wu’s Eye Qi Gong helped millions of people. You can visit her website at (Pureland International Qi Gong) or her personal website ( for more information. Please contact her via [email protected] for any questions.

When the students are ready, the teacher appears!
Comments from Students:
(1) Master Teresa is truly gifted and a gift to us all. Fantastic group workshop and an eye-opening experience of how so much healing can happen with so little movement from anyone and no direct touch from the healer. Very highly recommend to anyone to start the journey of healing and personal discovery ~ Tristan
(2) This is a wonderful group workshop with Master Teresa. It focuses on the challenges of emotional pain. Master Teresa explains through her own experiences, how past pain that has not been acknowledged and processed, can have a huge negative impact on our well-being. She also shares a powerful heart Qi Gong exercise that can easily be done at home and as many times as necessary. When we did the exercise during the workshop, I felt her healing energy come through, and felt calmer and at emotional peace, afterwords. Wonderful workshop, which I would recommend to anyone that might be dealing with some emotional pain.
Thank you Master Teresa for offering it to us during these challenging times!
(3) This is a powerful session with Master Teresa. I felt less intensity in strong emotions I was experiencing. The class was so powerful, I slept 10 hours that night, nearly twice as long as I normally need to sleep.
I love Master Teresa’s accessible and humorous approach. Thank you!
(4) Master Teresa is a very caring and knowledgeable Qi Gong practitioner. She asks the right questions to fully understand and determine how best to help. I would highly recommend attending her sessions if you are looking for an effective and alternative way to improve your health and overall well-being.
(5) Master Teresa’s work is very beautiful. She heals with kindness, grace, and humor. I suffer from chronic pain in several areas of my body. My profession also brings me great stress and causes my mind to feel foggy, and I often find it hard to focus on my work. After only one session, my physical pain was reduced dramatically. That said, what I was most impressed with was how much clearer my mind felt. I didn’t feel fatigued or drowsy. I felt energized, relaxed, and clear-headed. I am going to continue to work with Master Teresa, and I plan to learn qi-gong as well.


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