Celebrating Participants

The Power Pitching event was a tremendous success, bringing together a dynamic group of participants eager to showcase their ideas and skills. Hosted on 6th March, the event featured a platform where attendees could pitch their ideas and connect with like-minded individuals.

One of the highlights of the event was the opportunity for attendees to have breakroom sections, pitch what they do in and out of the breakout rooms, and how they can help others starting from the room hosts to the rest of the attendees. This interactive element added an exciting twist to the event, encouraging active participation and engagement.

Participants from various backgrounds and industries took the stage to present their ideas, ranging from innovative tech solutions to sustainable business models.

Throughout the event, participants engaged in lively discussions, exchanged valuable feedback, and forged new connections. The diversity of pitches highlighted the creativity and entrepreneurial spirit of the participants, making it a truly inspiring event for all involved.

Dr. Eric Zuley was one of the early pitchers, and this blog will feature those that showed interest in his pitch and also inform them that our onboarding process has started, and they can start enjoying the benefits stated in his pitch and also get recognized as eZWay Family member.

Enjoy the ride as you get to know us more.

Thank you for Showing Interest In eZWay Network Events and News

Power Pitch Party Members Listing

  1. 1Manjula Thumma
  2. Alexi Bracey
  3. Anita Krikman
  4. Barry Bevier
  5. Carol Strang
  6. Christine Bannet-Clark
  7. Darlene De La Plata
  8. Dr.Ida greene
  9. Christine Bannet-Clark
  10. Darlene De La Plata
  11. Dr.Ida greeneDr.Karah Kruise
  12. Dr.Kathlene Oden
  13. Eric Stoller
  14. Eva Raposa
  15. H. Dr.Mort
  16. Heather Young
  1. Jane Brobbey
  2. Janet Gervers
  3. Jimmy Ta
  4. Julie Gluth
  5. junko Borge-Harris
  6. Kristi Tornabene
  7. Lasley Corte
  8. Lynda Allen
  9. Marita Aylen
  10. Mark Entrekin
  11. Mike Hayes
  12. Nikki Golly
  13. Paula Judith Johnson
  14. Regina Andler
  15. Sir KBN Mandel
  16. Tessa Gray
  17. Wendy Weber

Overall, the Power Pitching event was a resounding success and we look forward to having you in our next Mega Pitch Party on the 14th of March where you will have the opportunity to continue celebrating and supporting the entrepreneurial spirit.

Thank you for showing interest in us!

Kindly click the register button and register to join us on the 14th March Thurs. 4 PM PST for another edition of eZWay Mega pitch Party. I know you won’t want to miss the next Interactive Pitch Party.

Thanks so much for your feedback!


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