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Tony Guarnaccia

Tony Guarnaccia is a widely recognized authority on business growth, marketing and AdTech. Tony has grown over 10,000 small businesses and a dozen Fortune 500 companies, including Ford, General Motors, AutoNation and ADP. He has managed over $400 million in advertising spend and in 2009 earned the prestigious title of Google Partner of the Year.

Today, he is focused on leveling the playing field for every business to grow their influence and succeed by leveraging AI in a way that is easy-to-understand and simple-to-execute.

He believes that by helping entrepreneurs grow their audience, income, and impact through podcasting and artificial intelligence, together we can positively change not just our local communities but also the world.

So if you share in this vision… to make AI Accessible and Influence Achievable, then he’d love to partner with you!

John Michael Ferrari

Renowned for his ability to evoke emotions and skillfully blend an array of musical genres, John Michael Ferrari stands as a remarkable songwriter whose work knows no bounds. Infused with sophistication and a hint of innocent awe, his compositions intricately narrate the multifaceted tapestry of human experiences.
Ferrari’s artistry finds its home on the stage, where he becomes a part of something larger than himself. With his unbreakable belief that ”There is never a stranger in the audience,” he forges a unique connection that transcends the confines of the stage.
The yearning to blend emotions and melodies is exemplified in his latest work, “Soldiers Prayer”. This crossover country inspirational patriotic single weaves a tale of a soldier who died in combat leaving his new bride and unborn baby. He looks over her from above as she raises their child and a family all without him. The soldier reminds us to “wave our flag with pride and grace”. A lot of people died or have been injured to protect our American Freedoms. And, the song also reminds us of our humanity : I’ve seen the pain on a soldier’s face. Bring us home both sides say. (Both our side and on the faces of the enemy).
As you might remember, John was in the Army during the Vietnam Conflict in the airborne infantry and saw war close up and personal.
“I’m a proud soldier of the U.S.A.”
“Soldiers Prayer” is the title song on the EP of the same name. Along with “Bring Me Home” (a song about dying and getting ready to go to Heaven), and “The Son Don’t Lie” (about Jesus and that we can count on Him). And a reprise of his song “Like a Rock n Roll Band” (a let’s get together in peace and harmony song). This EP was released in December 2023.
John’s accomplishments shine as brightly as his melodies. Too many awards to mention, but here are a few:
John wrote “Workin’ My Way to Nashville”. At that time, about 2016, he had driven thru Nashville but never appeared as a singer there and this song was about his journey. Then Pepper Jay joined him as the writer and finally, he brought in his friend Ray Ligon as the artist and gave him co-writer credit. That song in 2023, was awarded “Songwriter of the Year” by the Kentucky Country Music Association. And, again in 2024 by the North American Country Music Assoc.
In 2023, the Nashville Music Awards named John “Radio Artist of the Year” for all of the radio play his songs gets both in the USA and internationally.
The year 2022 brought a constellation of awards, casting light on Ferrari’s musical prowess. The Nashville Music Foundation recognized him as an “Outstanding Male Singer Songwriter 2022. eZWay Golden Gala crowned him “Performer of the Year,” a testament to his ability to captivate audiences, while his composition “Masquerading in the Night” earned the esteemed title of “Best Song Production 2022” from the Museboat Live Channel.
John Michael Ferrari’s creative journey is interwoven with music producer Pepper Jay, a partnership that spans over three decades. Their shared time between Nashville’s music-centric environment and a serene Nevada ranch underscores the harmonious balance that fuels their creativity. Ferrari’s refusal to be confined by genre norms earned him the distinction of “Crossover Artist of the Year” by several organizations, including the New Music Awards 2021, and in 2023, he was named Crossover Artist of the Year by the Independent Music Network. a testament to his audacious exploration of musical boundaries.
His songs, including the heartwarming “Paint You a Love Song,” have etched themselves onto radio charts and playlists across genres. Written for a friend’s wedding, the track achieved remarkable success, ascending to the coveted #1 position on both the Country Radio Chart and the Mainstream Radio Chart on the Independent Music Network.
John Michael Ferrari no splits his time between his ranch in Pahrump Nevada and Nashville, thriving in the vibrant Nashville singer singer community.
At present, John was nominated in 5 categories in the International Singer-Songwriters Assoc awards. You can vote for him. The link to ISSA Is in the first paragraph on this website:, where you can immerse yourself in the captivating world of John Michael Ferrari where melodies and stories intertwine to create an enchanting musical narrative.
Thank you Carmelita for your friendship and having John on your show!

Aarti Chopra Indian award winning event producer



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