What Happens when the Queen of the Metaverse meets MrCall2Action? You get a match Made in Heaven — Changing the World!


Education is a key element when it comes to making a difference in the world. It starts from the time of conception and goes to the last breath. There are 3 key elements to learning.

1. Develop listening skills. That is why we have 2 ears and one mouth.

2. Articulate what your message is going to deliver. It’s always the individuals perception based on the data base of information one has. Data is always advancing, as is technology.

3. The outcome that takes place when action is taken as a result of the message you delivered.

Listen, Articulate, Action

Who is your ideal audience? Where do they gather? How do I reach them. Remember: You can’t sell a steak to a vegan! Know your audience and address your message to them. Ask questions to deliver the outcome that particular audience is wanting to solve.

This brings me to the Magic that transpired between myself and Jim Bannon, MrCall2Action himself. We had seen each other on networking events. However nothing click until we booked a call to LISTEN to what each other had to offer and strategize how we might serve each others audiences. That is when the real magic happens.

We both articulated a clear, concise and focused message that lit a fire within. No selling, sharing a data base of information that was new to the other. Masterminding a strategy that generates a compelling outcome for the participant, putting that strategy into a proven system that gets results and delivering it to the audience that is seeking the outcome offered. WOW.

It happens just that fast when you apply the 3 key elements into every conversation and aspect of life.

The mind is a terrible thing to waste? Putting great minds together, sharing the knowledge each brings to the forefront delivers a life altering transition and the world becomes a better place. Bringing other great minds into the mix only increases the ripple effect and a revolution born. Welcome to the mix, John Kalaras.

Together Jim, John and I are uniting communities and educational organization to Facilitate Learning(TM) on a whole new level. In the words of John N. Kalaras, creator of The Ariston Education Concept, says it best. Graduates from his University will “Get a Degree” and “Be Debt Free”.(TM)

Are you ready to be a part of this community of great minds? Drop your comments here, reach out, get involved, facilitate your teaching skills and be a part of the Global Advancement in Education.

Beverly Zeimet, Queen of the Metaverse & Podcast Host—Beyond the Stage

[email protected] or call 702-527-3191 and leave a message


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