OUR PROMISE: — to help your future Email and Print Ad “Campaigns” achieve Greater ROI


OUR PROMISE: — to help your future Email and Print
Ad “Campaigns” achieve Greater ROI

You will really need:

2) A smartphone helps, but is not necessary
4) Our research shows: “QRDroid” is the best scanning app for Android; and “QR Reader for iPhone”
is the best App for iPhone.
Our Call2ACTION Symbol™ Carrier – doubles as an EDUCATIONAL TOOL

Click the Carrier above, scan the Symbol with a smartphone, or click this hotlink below:
We are deeply involved in helping two National Charities improve the e-ffectiveness of their Marketing Communications by using Call2ACTION Symbols™ in all their Print (and many of their Social Media) Marketing Campaigns.
And http://fans4thecure.org
The latter was founded by my “Mentor/Angel” of the last 7 years, Ed Randall, the “Voice of Major League Baseball” –
out of Sirius XM Radio in New York City. We are both Prostate Cancer Survivors. I am a “semi” – retired National
Sales Manager of General Electric

“Bringing the OFFLINE World to Your ONLINE Presence™”
Providing Call2ACTION Symbols ™ as the Entrance Ramp to the Information Highway

The VALUE we UNIQUELY Provide:
Adding 2-Way INTERACTIVE communication capability – to video – and creating #Push2GO capability on all Your PRINTED Materials!
In describing our marketing challenge, we use the analogy of “Teaching everyone in the US – how to speak another language, like French!”
Yes, it does take some up-front time and TEACHING. But, once folks can speak “French” – all a Pro Marketer needs to do is to present a “French” word in front of the target audience – to be able to communicate with EXCEPTIONAL, COST- EFFECTIVE, efficiency!
Becoming proficient in a new language is a ONCE IN A LIFETIME learning process! So, the upfront EDUCATION required is only a small, temporary, natural hurdle to overcome… even in today’s sound-byte, narcissistic, impatient audience environment.
We do acknowledge that the educational system in the US today seems to be turning out a generation of people:

  • Incapable of critical thinking,
  •  Limited in their ability to quickly grasp complex concepts that might not directly match something in their previous experience, and
  •  Unwilling to invest in themselves through a philosophy of “Lifetime Learning”However, we sincerely believe, with proper motivation, EDUCATION and guidance – many are still willing to gain the benefits proven to accrue from gaining advanced professional and personal digital communication skills.
    Realistically, when it comes to Social Media and universal SMART technology adoption – we must accept the reality that America’s “Functional Illiteracy Rate” is still a hindrance!

Our commitment to hand-holding our clients through the “Learning to Skill Mastery” development process is driven by our passionate BELIEF:


For those leaders brave enough to endure the early adoption cycle their target audience must be guided through -providing effective “new language education” – the resulting ROI (Return on Investment) benefits can be very substantial.
PLEASE JOIN US ON THIS EXCITING ADVENTURE TO CREATE, WHAT HAS THE POTENTIAL TO BE, ”The most powerful communication vehicle known to mankind!” Yes, we know that is a very strong statement!
We have almost 6 years of development and over 14,000 data-points to demonstrate why some early marketers of QR {Quick Response} Codes were inexperienced amateurs who implemented campaigns so terribly wrong – they were doomed to smolder in failure.
We also understand some people today are unfamiliar with QR Codes, while others actually are operating under the mistaken impression that QR Codes were a fad of a few years ago, that are now dead.

Nothing could be farther from the TRUTH!

The reality is, this open-source underlying technology – developed by Toyota’s DensoWave Subsidiary – is so exceptionally robust, that very few early-adopters fully understood the successful implementation requirements, user education challenges / subtleties and breadth of full application capabilities.

This technology was licensed to only a handful of companies, and we are proud to be closely associated with the founders of Delivr.com – one of those select firms.

So, actually this was “A technology AHEAD OF ITS TIME!

Today’s “Perfect Storm”

1) Ubiquitous Smartphone and Tablet usage
2) A robust 3G/4G cellular system, combined with broad WiFi network availability –creating an “Mobile Always Connected” audience, PLUS
3) The explosion of Video Streaming, and Social Media over the Internet

We are blessed to find ourselves right at the cusp of explosive growth – with this exciting opportunity for Progressive Marketers to present their UNIQUE VALUE PROPOSITION, and “Mission Critical” messages – in creative ways that were previously either too expensive, or not generally available to smaller businesses.
BOTTOM LINE, these are “Bleeding-Edge Capabilities” that present rich, robust tools – requiring very minimal investments of money – for those progressive thinkers and industry leaders willing to INVEST TIME in themselves -learning from proven Professionals who know how to leap over the pitfalls, while welcoming the skeptic who says, “PROVE IT TO ME!”

For Professionals who have faced it all, this is a challenging and exciting time

Today’s BEST OF BREED SOLUTIONS provide an array of audience interaction/engagement analytics that definitively document impressive marketing campaign successes!

Advanced concepts like “A/B Split Testing”, GPS targeting, audience segmentation, multi-media messaging, and optimization provide Return on Investment metrics for your limited Marketing and Advertising budget -transforming items you may have formerly considered an expense to be reduced… into POSITIVE- RETURN OUTSTANDING PERFORMING INVESTMENTS that will encourage you to expand and capitalize upon.

To the brave and willing, the future of digital marketing communication could not be brighter

The Key to SUCCESS
EDUCATION & ADOPTION – for both the business marketer and the target audience

Utilizing these new capabilities on PRINT Materials and Graphic Images, now enable Professional Marketers the ability to drive traffic to a huge array of ONLINE Digital Resources. Once the target audience is brought ONLINE, the message can be delivered exponentially more effectively than anyone ever dreamed possible before – when they spent (expensive) dollars on finite/limited print ad space.

Think of Ad effectiveness TODAY:
 Yellow Pages versus Social Media!
 Passive versus Interactive
 Static Text versus Multi-Media

You now have just a small inkling – about the magnitude of IMPROVEMENT possible for your business. In 2017,“Bringing the OFFLINE World to Your ONLINE Presence™” is not just “nice to do”, but actually of critical importance – for e-ffectively gaining acceptance and adoption of the message you are UNIQUELY attempting to share with the World!

Embrace the Mobile, Digital, SMART DEVICE Revolution
… that is today’s COMMUNICATION REALITY!

We provide an extremely economical Total Mobile Marketing Solution for those business professionals dedicated to keeping pace. If you are willing to do the research:

Read, Watch and LEAR

… We have the PROVEN experience, cloud-based software capabilities, and industry-leading measurement tools to produce the ROI that will support the wisdom of your decision.
Please take the first step to move forward along the 3C Highway to Success:
1) Content
2) Channel
3) Carrie

Call us at 815-8540-5683 or SKYPE: jimbannon306 right now – while your resolve is solid! That decision can become the wisest choice you made this year – to improve your business communications!
Visit http://BudgetVideo4.BIZ to see an example of the MOVS™ – sounds like “movies” – Mobile OPTIMIZED Video Site – like the one we could build for your business.
NOTE: The video on the mobile site – can be DYNAMICALLY CHANGED…..even after the print media hosting the Call2ACTION Symbol™ is distributed! WOW!
And…..of course every audience interaction is tracked….providing robust MEASUREMENTS – to help you gauge EXACTLY how Campaign A is performing versus Campaign B – Dramatically improving your ROI for advertising and promotional INVESTMENTS!
Here is all the TRACKING information – using our CAMPAIGN PROFILE as an example. You (and others) can view this changing in REAL TIME! Campaign Performance Report

Then, go to http://Delivr.com/2gsma to learn more about how the UNIQUE, totally re-engineered and re-branded Call2ACTION Symbols™ can DELIVR on the promise Quick Response Code technology enabled, while over-coming the obstacles early-adopters faced with IMPLEMENTATION!


1) The Kaye Dickson Campaign ROI Analysis is a hotlink just above the Social Media buttons on our MOVSsound like “Movies” Mobile OPTIMIZED Video Site It can also be directly accessed here: https://delivr.com/2srsy
2) Wayne Messmer – “Mr. National Anthem” – our favorite client… A well-known and universally loved Chicago Celebrity… https://youtu.be/kRVq13qBLB

Additional Resources for Research

Traditional #PRINTERS (all Print Media Folks) are crying over the switch and trend to DIGITAL PUBLISHING.

We prefer to look at the glass being HALF FULL…. Absolutely HUGE Opportunities await, for Print Marketers who will LISTEN and LEARN Add #Push2GO to all Your PRINTED Materials. #EngageDirectMeasure with #Call2ACTIONSymbols. #RuleOf4

– MISSION – best fb post facebook
– Mobile STATS – Pew Research – PHOTOS
– Mobile Stats 3 Pew Research
– Mobile Stats 2 Pew Research
– SLICK fb AD RE: e-Commerce Capability

1) Our Powerpoint Presentation prepared for the Google Development Group – Chicago Android Meetup – shows the breadth and variety of potential applications in the REAL WORLD:
– 2:47
2) Our latest “30 Second TEASER”
– 0:29
3) Focusing on the #Push2GO Capability
– 3:04

Other GR8 videos; if we have sparked your interest:
Ted Talks
The magic of QR codes in the classroom – Karen Mensing
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NRgWRXFXLQs 5:17
QR Codes – 21 Amazing Uses
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QjNh2NGALpM&t=8s 9:17
(NOTE: There are some things here I teach people NOT TO DO… as it reduces “scan-ability”


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    #EngageDirectMeasure(TM), #Call2ACTIONSymbol(TM), #Push2GO(TM), #ROITRAC(TM)
    =================== Two COMPLETE VIDEOS…Allowing you to FULLY UNDERSTAND…. What I UNIQUELY DO!

    “Bringing the OFFLINE World to Your ONLINE Presence(TM)”….. Utilizing #Call2ACTIONSymbols(TM) as the ENTRANCE RAMP – TO THE INFORMATION HIGHWAY(TM)”

    “Can turn any Print Material, Graphic or Video — Into a HOTLINK(TM)”

    “Created the most Powerful COMMUNICATION Tool, Known to Mankind((TM) — #EngageDirectMeasure…. With #MagiKube(TM)”



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